full design build services

Camelot Projects provides you with both the design and construction services required to build or renovate your home.  This combination provides you with seamless control over the course of the entire process including design, budgeting and adjustments along the way.  Likewise, it gives us the capability to make decisions and problem-solve quickly as any challenges arise.   With many years of combined experience between our principal and project managers, we can smoothly engineer the best technical and design solutions as the project moves along.


Camelot conducts an extensive interview with you to understand your needs, desires and vision. Together we discuss the scope of the project, our method of working is define for you and a future meeting is scheduled for presentation of a preliminary budget which, if accepted, moves us on to Phase 2.


Next, the architect or designer that we all feel is appropriate for the job is engaged with a budget to prepare the preliminary design.  we visit the site to measure and photograph its current structures.  We use the information gathered to produce drawings of the existing buildings, and as well to envision and draft up to three different design schemes for your project.


You select one of the designs, or a combination of elements and options provided in Phase 2.  Camelot refines its design, refines the budget based on selections, presents it to you, obtains your go-ahead and moves on to produce refined, detailed plans, elevations and three-dimensional renderings that capture the entire project.  Preliminary discussions with electricians, mechanical and plumbing experts result in the addition of a plan for the inclusion of all supporting building systems.


In this phase, drawings are submitted to the local municipal authority for approval, budgets are further refined and construction schedules determined.  A start date is agreed upon. All construction considerations and details are resolved in this phase.  Final dimensions, full design and legal requirements are submitted first to you for approval, then to City Hall for theirs.  The result is a building permit, which allows us to begin construction.  During construction, material selection and detailing continues to be refined.   We liaise to track your satisfaction with the design direction on an ongoing basis, and any material changes as the project moves forward are noted and updated in the drawings.  This ensures they remain a transparent record of the process, parameters and the final project result.