Laurence Allington, Principal



I’m a long-time resident of West Vancouver. Since 1971, I’ve been dedicated to the art of building and renovating custom homes throughout the Lower Mainland and British Columbia.

From design concepts and project management to the administration and financial transparency of each project, I personally ensure your needs and your vision are met. We work seamlessly as a team to provide responsive service delivery on your project.

I’m fortunate to have a loyal and talented, collaborative team of designers, project managers, expert craftspeople and client support who share the same goal I do: 

meeting your schedule and your budget while creating a space that pays you both short- and long-term dividends.

Over the years, we’ve worked on many unique projects and challenging renovations – we know just how to overcome any building problem that may present itself, whether on or off the site. This endears Camelot not only to our clients but to architects alike.